is an internationally orientated fashion company based in Ochtrup, in Germany‘s Münsterland region. Inaugerated in 1973 by Paul Dankbar and Paul Budden, this family company is today in the safe hands of the next generation, in the form of CEO Thomas Dankbar.

Our head office in Ochtrup employs a staff of approx. 115 – rising to a total of approx. 450, including our production facility in Bulgaria.

Fashion is not a question of age. We, therefore, take special pride in collecting our customer  in her fashion comfort-zone, and taking her on a journey into the world of BIANCA-feeling. Today`s product demands its own, distinct, fashion DNA, incorporating the building blocks of our client`s individuality.


stands for modernity, quality and fashion competence. With our successful smart-casual look, we are right where modern styling requires us to be – dressy when neccessary, but with just the right touch of casual. The look is tidier and more pure – always casual, always ready to wear, always confident. Through the mix of casual and formal, fashion-looks are created that feel new and young and allow a very personal choice of style.

The collections are characterised by their perfect authentic fit, their innovative design, in-touch colour themes, high standard levels and attention to detail. Bianca offers its trading partners 12 collection themes yearly, in the product groups blouse, t-shirt, skirt, blazer, trousers, dress, knitwear and outdoor.




has been providing its trade partners with a new shop concept. Emotionality and a flexible product presentation are behind the new BIANCA shop-system. The new fashionable presentation didn`t take long to become established and has proved to be the right choice of platform – especially in connection with a modern placement.

The visual-merchandising not only provides the framework for an exciting presentation but, also, for a confident and authentic communication of the bianca feeling.

Joy, energy and the love of life.