For many years, sustainable economic activity has been an inherent part of our corporate culture. bianca considers itself greatly beholden to the environment, society and our own personnel.
Our handling of raw materials and resources, our sense of social responsibility are central factors and determine our actions.

In our code of conduct we recognise our social responsibility and commit ourselves to conducting our company‘s dealings in accordance with our declared ideals. That all products are produced in suitable and safe working conditions is deeply rooted in bianca`s company philosophy.


Our personnel, with their know-how, dedication and creativity, form the core of our concern. The living company culture and the accompanying satisfaction of our personnel form the basis of the bianca brand‘s growth. Consequently, personnel fluctuation is very low at bianca Moden, in Ochtrup and at our facility in Bulgaria.


To ensure the successful implementation of our economic, environmental and social goals, each external facility is critically inspected – personally and on-site – by our technicians and engineers, before collaboration begins and is firmly bound to comply with all our standards.

We pursue, as a matter of principle, a policy of ongoing cooperation with external suppliers, to promote dependability in their relationship with their own personnel. It should be noted that bianca Moden enjoys an above average number of long-term production contacts.

The REACH regulation (Registration / Evaluation / Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) fundamentally harmonised and simplified the legislation covering chemical usage. An important characteristic is the expansion of delivery-chain communication, whereby successive operators are subject to additional requirements and obligations. Regular spot checks are carried out in licensed institutes to ensure compliance with all statutory standards.


Since 2002, bianca has fully owned and run a production facility in Bulgaria whose employees operate exclusively for bianca. Our facility in Bulgaria practises and pursues the corporate culture established in Germany.

The promotion of high social standards is also a fundamental element of our concern philosophy, for example, employee shuttle buses, monthly subsidies for healthy nutrition, payment of crèche facilities, provision of language courses and advanced time-and-motion training at management level, covering hospital/medical costs in hardship cases.

The same technical standards apply to our facility in Bulgaria as in Germany. All machinery is collated in accordance with exacting ergonomic and production-technical requirements and distributed from Ochtrup to the corresponding facility.
Our facility features an industrial laundry. We are thus in the position to carry out all jeans and industrial washing processes ourselves. Special wash effects (brushing) and cold and garment dyes are also possible.

Chemical additatives are only utilised in accordance with german standards/specifications (e.g. for the creation of wash effects or dyeing).
Items that cannot be produced in our own facility, whether due to raw material sourcing, special requirements (e.g. knitted articles) or capacity limitations, will be produced in facilities in Turkey and Macedonia. Some outdoor and knitted articles are produced in the Far East. In such cases, special attention is paid to quality control to ensure adherence to all standards.